Meteor App doesnt start in iOS simulator (xcode 6.2) - solved

I’m trying to run the basic app that we get after running meteor create basic.

I have Xcode 6.2 and meteor

After running meteor run ios, I get BUILD SUCEEDED and the simulator starts.

Then the meteor app never shows up and Cordova console.log is empty.

Have you experienced this problem?

It works fine :smile:. It was a problem with my setup.

Could you give more details about the setup? I have the same problem. I have Xcode 5.2 and meteor Whenever I run the meteor run ios, I got build succeeded but had no emulator poped up.
Thanks a lot.

Try to run using the --verbose flag to see what’s actually happening under the hood.

Hi Klanders,
I had the simulator open before running ‘meteor run ios’.

These steps work for me:

meteor run ios
Run the app from xcode
The simulator starts and runs the app

I’m having a similar issue with Xcode 6.4. The simulator starts fine with meteor run ios but running the app after meteor build ../dist --mobile-server= just builds successfully and sits there. The simulator just doesn’t open. There’s nothing in the system log or any warnings in Xcode.

meteor build isn’t supposed to start the simulator. It generates a server deployment tarball and project directories for your mobile platforms so you can build the app for distribution.

Thanks for the reply. Yep, I mean once it’s built and I run the Xcode project it wasn’t opening the Simulator. I also noticed that my app name had “Mac” as the deployment target instead of iOS and no warnings were visible when running. I ran meteor reset and tried building again and it works now.