Meteor app in OpenShift


I see discussions about people deploying meteor apps in DigitalOcean, GDE, EC2. afaik I haven’t come across a single post where meteor is deployed to openshift. Please help me know the reasons why no one is seeing the RedHat.


I worked for a company who used them, until their applications were completely unreachable for more than 24 hours, with no response when we reached out to their support team. The only thing they did was post the following message on their status page:

Gear Frontend Issues
We are aware of issues with user gears returning HTTP error codes or redirects. We are actively working to resolve the issue.

This message remained in place for a day with no updates from them. I can’t tell you how long OpenShift took to fix their issues, as we migrated to another host and never looked back.

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Oh I am sorry that’s terrible thanks for sharing @hwillson :smile: