Meteor app is suddenly non/half-reactive

I just deployed a small change this morning and suddenly my entire app is non-reactive. Or perhaps only half-reactive.

For instance, if I change a Session variable that controls which posts should show on a page, it keeps the existing posts and adds the new ones on top of them instead of replacing them.

I tried reverting to many versions, even ones from months ago, but the issue remains. So I’m thinking it must be some weir d change with my server/DB setup.

I’m using DigitalOcean + Compose.

Any ideas? :confused:

P.S. I would show you the app but it’s a private, internal app for my company. Hopefully this is enough info to go off of!

which version of Meteor are you using? I had an issue with and pushing hot code updates so I moved back down to with no issue.

What happens if you revert the change?