Meteor App Performance upto Clients?

I tested my meteor apps (many pictures). In windows laptop with Chrome browser the loading and routing speed is fast. But in iPad 2 with Safrai the loading and routing speed is obviously slow.

when Meteor sends your app to the client it includes everything - on a laptop with a browser you probably wont notice it, especially if you’re browsing on the same PC as the server

but when you’re on a tablet or smartphone, it will take more time - think about the specs of your laptop compared to your ipad

engineer your app to load less… start with a search on lazy loading

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Well, it won’t send all the pictures on page load…

All files inside a top-level directory called public are served as-is to the client.

It is my understanding that anything in the public folder is served automatically to the client with the app. I am assuming @charliecl has images in the /public folder.

It is loading speed. The network and website is the same. iPad took almost 25 seconds to load by the time counter of meteor website. Core i7 laptop took less than 5 seconds. All app files were in client and public no server code. Is there a lazy loading? When a user visit a website in his smartphone and wait for 25 seconds to watch result, many users may have left the site. That is a problem of cloud app.

It is served in the sense that if a user requests a file in the public folder, meteor will send it as-is. However, it will not send all of the contents on page-load .

I think we’re at cross purposes here

I assumed (from the OP) the app loads up with “many pictures” , e.g. they are being consumed on the opening page