Meteor app rendering totally blank page

This is happening in Meteor 1.4.2. The frustrating part is that there are no errors of any kind, and inspecting the DOM shows that it’s nothing more than an empty page:

Has anyone else experienced this? How do I even begin to troubleshoot this?

What’s also strange is that the app works fine, and then I do nothing more than reload the page, and it’s blank. :confounded:

How are you attaching React?

That’s what I was looking into first. I’m using Flow Router’s mount function. The routes.js file seemed to be interpreted just fine, it wasn’t being skipped somehow. I suppose the best way to troubleshoot this is to just keep inserting console.log statements everywhere, or just put a single debugger statement and step through, though with all the Meteor & React internals, that might take awhile to get through.

It’s all good now! I had some out of date packages, particularly mongo and npm-mongo which I know had some issues before. Everything is solid! :fist:

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