Meteor app restarts after trying to upload an image

The users of my mobile app can add images to posts.
But when I click on the upload button and I look for a picture to upload, the app restarts (from the splash screen) and the picture is not uploaded.

How can I prevent the app from restarting if I try to upload pictures?

Update: it seems the problem isn’t from Meteor, but from android itself:

It occurs because when the camera is triggered, the android activity
goes background (onStop state), waiting for the camera to take the
picture. Then the GC comes and kills the activity to free memory before
the conclusion of camera action, and when the camera is done your
activity has already died. That is why the app is restarted.

see this for more information :

The problem now is that the solutions given in this answer no longer work (outdated)
Is there anyone here who found a solution to the problem?