Meteor App stops after some time


This is my app

Its not complete yet.

Its working fine. But after logging in, If i change the tab or go idle for sometime. When i return and do some action like posting a status. It is not working. Is this an issue with meteor itself?

I am using meteor + react.


Any solution to this issue?


Are you on the free tier? The dynos for those apps will shut down after 30 mins of inactivity:



But i don’t think i waited for 30 min.

I think i am getting this error within 5 or 10 min of inactivity or tab change.


Do you have kadira installed?


No. I don’t have kadira installed.


Than perhaps install it and look at what’s happening.


Ok. BTW did you had a similar experience using meteor?

Like the meteor server stops responding if the client is inactive for sometime.


No. I’ve never seen that behaviour.


Thnx, I think you are right.

I have tested it. I am not sure. But it seems like its only stopping after 30 min of inactivity.


I added pingometer to prevent the dyno from sleeping.

Still its stopping after about 20 min. Is there any free host where i can test this?

I stopped working on this due to this issue.


Get a digital ocean instance for 5$ or this: for 3.49$ a month. Free stuff are not so good :slight_smile:


Yes, But i need to test it before purchasing a good host.

The app is not ready to be hosted. So, It would take some more time for developing it.