Meteor app works locally but shows blank page when deployed - how to debug?

Meteor app (1.3beta.4 + using React) as per basic Meteor todo tutorial works without problems on localhost:3000, but shows just blank page after deployment to *

How should I go about debugging this ? Browser console does not show any app specific error I could hold on to.

app is deployed here:

Thank you very much in advance for any help&tips!
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9 times out of 10 you’ll have an error in your local browser console. Are you sure that’s not what’s going on?

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Also try: meteor logs



Thank you very much @sacha, @energistic and @daveeel for your help and tips!

  • I’ve got no errors running “logs …” command.
  • I have got following in the browser console (please, see img below)
  • using console.log(); I have realized, that my main component is not rendered into DOM (using ReactDOM.render( , getElementById(“app”)); where app is #id of the div element inside my only html file. Locally all react components load without any problems. But once I deploy, all console.log() “checkpoints” are not executed - which is why I think that meteor actually stops before even loading the main React component.

Are there some obvious reasons, why would react component did not mount ? Or render itself into DOM ?

Below screenshot of browser console:

Or is the problem connected to the statement in browser console: “unreachable code after return statement” ?

Again, thank you all very much for any help or tips!
Best wishes to all

Try starting your app with meteor --production and see what happens. Sometimes, there is a bug like a missing semicolon on a return statement.


Hi guys. I recently have exactly the same issue, but with app hosted on Heroku.
The only error in console was from bootstrap that claims for incorrect version of jquery (it was default version 3.0 from meteor bundle installed). Issue was gone after I have executed meteor npm install --save jquery meteor-node-stubs
which install jQuery v 1.12.4

2 Likes Was it also the standard-minifier-js package causing your issue?