Meteor + AppDynamics

Someone use Appdynamics with Meteor 1.4 ? How install to use ?

Or use other Kadira substitute service ?


I did, but only for mongo and for the server. Not for the meteor process itself. I found it a bit tricky and there were some custom things that I needed to implement after the meteor build process.

I’m right now in the process of setting up the Kadira as SaaS again. Please follow the below thread. I will try to keep everyone up to date about the progress with or without collaboration :wink:

Very cool. Can you send your config to me?

If you need help to start Kadira as SaaS, I can help you a little.

I don’t have it anymore. But basically it involved the following 2 steps:

meteor build --directory $WORKING_DIR/build

cd $WORKING_DIR/build/bundle/

cd ./programs/server && npm install

#create code that adds 1 line to main.js (the line responsible for 'requiring' the appdynamics lib

@cloudspider, do you have any other option to AppDynamic? I can’t use Galaxy this moment.

you might want to try librato. Arunoda used that for monitoring Kadira. However, i’m almost ready with Kadira as SaaS setup. Planning to have it only real soon. I’m aiming for the end of this month. Might be sooner


Very cool !!! If you can, I’ll definitely use it.

Want you help ? If can try.

@cloudspider , I installed Kadira in my dev enviroment, but I cant connect my app to kadira server. I tried export KADIRA_OPTIONS_ENDPOINT , but not work.

its should be something like below assuming that kadira runs on localhost:

export KADIRA_OPTIONS_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:11011

Yes, I did, but doesn’t work. I will try again. Do you have a date defined to publish your Kadira as SaaS? Do you want any help?

No exact date yet. I’ve 5 tasks that I’m working on including migrating my mongo database, setting up SSL on my domain and fixing kadira remote profiler. When those are finished I will open it up for a limited set of users to test with (for free, but not unlimited time ofcourse). I will open up a small frontpage with the ability to pre-register for free. The first couple of users will be allowed access and from that moment I will slowly increase the number of people.

Hi @cloudspider Any news ? Thanks.

Hi @cloudspider, did you can enable as SaaS already ?

Hi @raragao Due to recent switches in career I’ve decided not to continue with the Kadira platform. Its too much work to maintain it as a SaaS due to similar motivations as what was explained in Transmission podcast about maintaining a platform as SaaS. I’m happy to share my thoughts on how to host it.

Ok, I am testing Atatus, do you know ?

No, but it looks nice! And I see Percolate as customer!