Meteor as iPhone / Android app -- slightly confused?

Hi all,

I’ve spent the last few months learning Meteor. I have developed a web application that I’ve converted to look and feel like a mobile app. I wanted to continue my learning by attempting to put my application in the iTunes or Google Play store. However, I am slightly confused about the process and if Meteor is in a state that it can reliably be put into an app store.

The number one question I have is what is required to convert Meteor into a mobile app? The tutorial “Running on Mobile”, on this website, makes the process seem straight forward. However, I do not quite understand how that process works. All of my research before posting this led me to believe that Apache Cordova is how I can convert my web app into a mobile app. Is this the case? In the tutorial it does not mention Cordova.

If I am supposed to use Cordova, is it reliable? Again, from my research I’ve been led to believe that Cordova is not a solid foundation for converting web apps into mobile native apps.

With that said, am I on the right track? If not, would someone with a little more experience point me in the right direction? :smile: