Meteor Azure 2.0 (supports local bundling, brand new docs)

We’ve just released version 2 of Meteor Azure, which has been rewritten as an npm CLI to eliminate UX pain-points and address many of the issues people faced with server-side bundling.

Some of the new features include:

  • Support for Free/Shared plans
  • Support for Yarn projects
  • No more slow initial builds! (all compilation is done on your machine)
  • Load Meteor settings/environment variables from a settings file
  • Automatically configure Azure settings (including smart detection of appropriate Node/NPM versions)
  • Overall significantly faster deploy speeds
  • Built-in debug mode, which retrieves diagnostics for bug reports
  • Track deployment progress in real-time, without opening the Kudu interface)

We also have a brand new documentation site @ which includes a step-by-step tutorial for getting started and covers configuration topics like enabling multi-core on larger instances or targeting a staging slot for zero-downtime swap.

Please report any issues or questions you may have here or in the GitHub issue tracker.


This looks very solid. Great work.

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Thanks! We appreciate the feedback.

You don’t support deployment to linux machines, right?

Correct - Linux instances are a completely different stack with Docker-based deployments (so you can use any generic Meteor solutions). Windows App Service is built on IISNode which has some unique benefits in a Meteor context e.g multi-core session affinity.