Meteor based intranet with lots of MSSQL reporting and collaboration...?

I’m looking to create a corporate intranet and I’m really liking Meteor so far. However, there will need to be a lot of MSSQL reporting of our accounting and project management systems. There will also need to lots of collaborative stuff… lists, calendars, libraries (like SharePoint).

I’m having a hard time searching about SQL access with Meteor because the results tend to be questions about installing Meteor on SQL instead of MongoDB. I’m not concerned about that.

Can someone point me in the right direction? …or is Meteor maybe a bad fit here?


If you need just part of stuff from MSSQL, probably you can write some kind of API in .net and get data from MSSQL using that API? All other (Intranet only) related data you could store in MongoDB.

The only problem here is single sign-on, and because your company uses SharePoint I feel you’ll need it :confused:

Thanks for the reply!

I was hoping to access the MSSQL servers directly… we’re talking about many, many tables. :expressionless:

SSO would definitely be nice, too.

The node community have tones of MSSQL modules that will facilitate direct connection to a MSSQL server from a Node server (Meteor in your case). I’d think about your requirement and search npm for the best fit, i like this one:

As for single sign-on, are you thinking about SSO for users to authenticate against your AD or impersonating a user during the connection to a MSSQL server? (or both?) SSO is a bigger problem to solve but again, the Node community have been solving these problems for some time.

I’m actually working on some articles and videos to demonstrate how easy it is to build “Corporate” Meteor applications that play nice with AD, MSSQL, Sharepoint, SAP, etc… hopefully i will be able to start posting before the end of this month.


Great, thanks!

Yes, SSO would be for user authentication against AD. I could use SQL authentication for the connection, assuming that’s easier to configure.

Do you have a blog or YouTube channel to follow to to stay posted on the “Corporate Meteor” articles?