Meteor behind corporate firewall


(win 7) After I install meteor, node, npm and create an app from my office computer, and run meteor I get the following message:


I searched but only found 1 inconclusive reference to this (indicating it is a firewall issue), showing that for others this very common situation must be only a trivial problem and they know what it is and can fix it without help’, whereas I dont have a clue .:frowning:
It is not simply a matter of adding an exception for an exe in control panel/firewall. But how to add IP addresses to some sort of exception list and which addresses to add and where?
Are they any clues out there?
Thanks for any direction on this.


You should post the whole error message.

As far as I can gather from the text you pasted it doesn’t seem like a firewall issue but a certificate issue. Something seemed to have complained that you or someone else used a self-signed certificate. A self-signed certificate is useful for testing and experimenting with secure websites, however they present end users with nasty security warnings. And some automated tools like curl don’t like self-signed certificates by default and need additional parameters to accept them.

So that’s it to get you started.


Install your corporation’s certificate on your device.

You should be able to find it on your laptop/desktop.

Looks like they intercept all traffic :wink:


Thanks so much for your insights. I think I found the certificate and will try it tomorrow at work.

Could you tell me though, when you say “looks like they are intercepting everything” does that mean before or after I install the certificate, or both?
I have read about selfsigned certificates and dont get it completely - . does it mean that installing the certificate necessarily means they are intercepting all command line activity?


Hi, did you fix this issue??

I’m in the same situtaion and have the same problem, I get this error even after installing the certificate


I tried to install certificate on my device as well and I am in the same boat. Did you find a fix?