Meteor(Blaze) : Create thumbnail Image from video,upload both image and video to s3

I am using cfs:s3(not using Cloudfront) to upload images to Amazon-s3. But video(data) is taking time to display at client side. So while uploading video to S3 I want to show thumbnail Image(png/jpeg) and this image has to be first frame of video like youtube. Is it possible in cfs?

i don’t think that’s the kind of things cfs would handle.

for video hosting and processing i’d prefer a specialized platform like wistia any day. But for a hacky solution you could maybe try to load the video to a canvas and save the first frame from there?

Actually we can create thumbnail of large image and store both(thumbnail and large image in cfs stores(different stores) using transformwrite i guess. Then I thought why not with videos to image. Searched about that but not getting solution but people are facing same issue. Thanks Mate.