Meteor blog down?

Is it just me or is down?

cc: @thea, @sashko.

Definitely not just you - actually, it looks like Medium is having issues with their custom domain setup. I just tried a few other ones (like; same issue. Maybe Medium shouldn’t have recently laid off those 50 employees … :unamused:


Damn you think “we should switch to this nice service, then we won’t have to worry!” And then…


Looking into this, thanks! ETA - yup, Medium issue. Hope to be resolved soon.

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For what it’s worth Hugo is a fast static site generator and they have a casper theme that looks a lot like the medium theme. Put in an S3 bucket with a cloudfront distribution and you should be able to beat any service medium provides. You can also fully automate the process of updating the bucket and cloudfront distribution so anyone can write to the blog and publish with little to no hassle.

S3 will also give a 10% service credit if their uptime is between 99.0% and 99.9% and a 25% service discount if their uptime is less than 99.0%.

IMO this route is easier (and safer) than setting up a custom medium domain.

Yeah except then you have to rebuild all of Medium.

Hugo doesn’t have the Medium tech community behind it and that’s a big issue.