Meteor boilerplate 2018

Is there a good boilerplate available for the latest Meteor version?
Without JSX, and preferably with working Material Design lib?


Maybe you should specify what your use cases are.

You can use following frontend libs and then you can search for boilerplates

  1. Blaze
  2. Vue
  3. React
  4. Angular

I am using vue with Vuetify and it is great to work. Currently we are switching from blaze with materialize css to Vue.


Here’s a simple app for keeping score for the game Farkle - I built this app based on Andrew Mead’s Udemy course on full-stack apps with Meteor, then refactored it to use Material UI.

Hi there
Maybe you should - just like fabianki suggest - tell us what you are looking for. Generally it a good idea if you want an answer :slight_smile:
If you are using Vue as front-end I can strongly recommend alexandesigner / lets, He has done an awesome job integrating Vue With Meteor using Meteor aut + a lot of others goodies