Meteor broke system environment variables

I was using nvm for node version switch. I switched to version 14 to install meteor 2.14. After installation it was message that I need to open another terminal window to be able using meteor command. After I opened new terminal, I wasn’t able not only use meteor, but also node, npm, nvm, yarn. Few other, non related with node dependencies, seems to be working, but I’m not sure that everything working. Maybe there anything else is broken as well. I can’t say what has been changed, but at least I can see it placed one Path row as %NVM_H, that before, as I think, was %NVM_HOME%. After changing it to %NVM_HOME%, nvm started working, but I still has no access to nvm’s npm, yarn and node. Can’t use meteor as well.
Is it a known issue and have you any solution to revert caused issues? Thanks in advance


What operating system are you using?

Hi @xet7,

Windows 10