Meteor build apk "parsing error"

I’m trying to create android app from my webapp, It is working fine in emulator and device

meteor run android

meteor run adnroid-device

metor build ~/build/ --server

when I copy the .apk and try to install in my android mobile, It is throwing “there was a problem parsing this package”

Where can I see the logs?

Its working fine while development but after building the apk is not working

Any body has this issue before? Anybody want any detailsto know more about this issue?


For those who has same issue, you need to sign the app before using apk

Follow instructions from @MDG itself here

I’m having this issue on my latest Meteor project. I’ve done a few projects now and never needed to sign the apk (the apps aren’t being distributed via the Play Store).
I’m not sure what I’ve done differently.
I’ve tried building a hello world app and testing it on Android 4.4.x and 5.x, no dice.
Signing the apk doesn’t seem to make a difference anyway.

I’m getting this same problem. The APK should run without signing, as an untrusted app. No idea why this happens yet.

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Has anyone figured this out? I’ getting the parse error on my Android phone after zip aligning.

We also still get parsing errors when trying to install via apk file.

Does anyone has a solution for this problem? We have the same error while trying to install.

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having the same issue, anyone found a soution?

Facing the same problem. Hoping this bump up to latest will grab someone’s attention and help us solve this problem.

Seems this problem is still existing for me… Any updates?

Same here. I’ll open the project in android studio to test.

I’m having the same issue. Anyone?

Same same same…it reminds me of a song …

Same here,
I builded on Win10, after i copy unsigned apk on Android 6 phone, and receive the parse error
Is there some workaround ?

Damn. Nobody is posting the answer to such an easy problem ? Well, here it is,

Basically, after you build the apk using

meteor build ~/folderName --server http:/,

go to the folder folderName ( whatever you have named it ) and there will be 2/3 folders. Now go inside the android folder and fire up the terminal there and just sign the damn apk with this line

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 release-unsigned.apk yourAppName

Thats it.