Meteor build Cordova cause “Screen Overlay Detected” Error on Android

Hi all,

Anyone experience your Cordova app causing “Screen Overlay Detected” Error on Android Marshmallow? I found out this problem yesterday and it seems to be a big problem.

Anyone have any way to prevent Cordova app trigger this error? Please advice, thank you.


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I have upgraded to “meteor update --patch” and i got cordova issues when trying to do a build.

Any solution to this? Our app is apparently unusable on Marshmallow due to this bug.

Hi, the error gone after I remove Clean Master app.

To be true Screen Overlay is basic feature used by almost every application.
Messenger Chat Head, Inbox Messages Preview and Whatsapp Messages Popups are all example of screen overlay feature, so you cant uninstall all application to resolve Screen Overlay Detected popups on your device…
You just need to manually turn of screen overlay of all applications in your device, Follow following settings to turn off screen overlay of android application:

Application Manager
Click on Three Dots (Top right corner) & Select Draw Over Other Apps
Turn off screen overlay of all apps one by one
This must solve the issue of screen overlay in your device…
If this isn’t solving then screen overlay issue in your device or you haven’t got my answer then refer to below reference:
how to turn off screen overlay

Thanks. Will try your solution.