Meteor build does not take App ID from settings file

When I build meteor app with a mobile-config.js that has an App ID specified, it does not build the app using that ID. As a result, App gets generated using unique ID, which does not match with the server’s App ID, and thus HCP does not work.

Build command is:

meteor build --directory /tmp --server

The mobile-config.js file is like this:{
  **id: '',**
  name: 'কুরআনের কথা ',
  version: '1.4.8'

I have logged the app ID at startup time in code:

console.log("Application startup: " + __meteor_runtime_config__.appId);

I can see it is generating unique ID. For ex, I see lk3awl936t0m.yz0kj2x9lpza as the appID, not the appID specified in mobile-config.js.

Because of this, HCP fails with this exception:

com.meteor.webapp.WebAppException: appId in downloaded asset bundle does not match current appId. Make sure the server at is serving the right app.

Seeking help to fix the app id for the app.