Meteor build fails on Windows due to missing isopack metadata files



When running the meteor build command, I get an error as follows:

> meteor build meteorbuildtest
      throw error;

Error: No metadata files found for isopack at: /C/Users/BambooService/AppData/Local/.meteor/packages/stolinski_stylus-multi/1.4.3

As a result, my demeteorizer command is also failing as it internally relies on meteor build.

Any thoughts on how I can get this to work? My Mac development machine is not affected by the problem.


I managed to resolve the issue myself. It seems there was a very heavily nested dependency tree of packages in my AppData\Local.meteor\packages directory that was way above the 256 character limit that Windows imposes. Once I had removed that directory structure, it worked fine.


I’m having this exact same issue with an app using the 1.3.2_4 meteor version (see attached image).

Can you please explain in detail how did you manage to fix this on Windows?

Thanks in advance.