Meteor Build for only scss files

Is there a way to do a meteor build and only get the scss files out or a way to let some app build the scss of your meteor project?

Are you asking if you can leverage the Meteor build tool to convert your SCSS into CSS, then extract the CSS so it can be used elsewhere? If so the answer is yes - the build tool stores the processed/merged CSS within your apps .meteor subdirectory: .meteor/local/build/programs/web.browser/merged-stylesheets.css

Thanks, this is one part of the solution (the one I already found). the problem is, we are using the same meteor application for a lot of clients and after each update we need to update the css too. as the building needs 2-3 minutes at least (*50 clients) this takes a while. so I only want to build the app once and then for each client the css file (which has separate colors per client)

So I want meteor ONLY to build the scss files (or need the order and rules meteor builds the css files to write a tool that does that for me)

Actually I think meteors build-system isn’t made for this.

A solution, you probably don’t like would be to take the scss out of you meteor application and generate it separately - then you’d have to statically link it in your meteor application which is a drawback you shouldn’t even consider to accept.

Did you think about building them in parallel? 2-3*50mins sounds a lot… but with a moderate good ci/deployment pipeline it should be possible to cut this by factor 4 to x

you are right, building in parallel would be an idea but as we want to move to an architecture where we serve all clients from the same app and just catching the url inside of meteor (as stated in some other posts) and having our load balancer to server different css files, that would not be the optimal solution.

I have just wiritten a system, that searches for scss variables inside of our database definition of the different sites and is generating the css for me. Therefor I had to understand the package system of meteor and the order it combines the css files.

As soon as this is done and works consistent, I think I’ll publish the python script I have written. At this time, it generates all css files of all customers within some seconds (including the upload top s3)