Meteor build only client

Hello, for a lot of reasons (first of all, to use static hosting CDN) I need to get a copy of the client side of my meteor app. Another example is a small app that doesn’t use the server part at all and I want to package for android (I know that there are other tools for this scenario, but using meteor also for this will save me a lot of hassle)

With actual meteor i cannot do this anymore: meteor-build-client and meteor-build-client-fixed give me a blank page… but if I build and deploy (heroku or my VPS) the same code works…

There is an actual method to build my app and obtain only the client side?

Like platform android and platform ios, would be cool to have a build browser that gives you the client part, like cordova does?

Thank you in advance for every help

Meteor JAMStack… reactive, local mongo, and other goodies.


Thinking on this a bit more - what other benefits does anyone else see Meteor would bring to the table other JAMStacks like Hugo, Gatsby or Jekyll struggle with?

Assuming this was a thing of course.