Meteor build pulling in node_modules from packages

I’ve got multiple local packages that are stored outside of my app, and I reference them via the METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS environment variable. I’ve recently started separating some out that have React components. I use tmeasday:check-npm-versions to declare react as a peer dependency. Then, I’ve put react as a peer dependency, and as a dev dependency (because I’m using storybook to test the components) in package.json. I’m only using ES6 import style to import react and whatever else from npm.

Within the package, this works great.

The problem is that when I load the package via the main Meteor app, it loads up the node_modules files in that package’s directory, along with the node_modules in the app directory. This causes the application to have two copies of React, and it bombs because that’s no good.

When I remove the node_modules directory from the package, everything is great in the main app. But then when I go back to the package, I have to run npm install to get the libs for things like storybook, or even my eslint libraries, and the node_modules directory comes back and somehow the main app bundles that up (even though it’s supposed to ignoring node_modules from what I understand).

Anyone else have a similar setup or know any way to get Meteor to ignore the node_modules directory from a local package?