Meteor build tool is broken on Windows


The latest update to the build tool has broken windows setups.
/AppData/Local/.meteor/meteor.bat gets updated to 1.3.4_3 when you run it.
Apparently this starts your app using the old version of the build tool because if you try to run it after that it returns

The system cannot find the path specified.

Changing it back to 1.3.4_1 made it work but of course it updates itself again if I run it


Ever since 1.3 the updater has had some errors. Whenever I update to a new version, building either doesnt work or is EXTREMELY slow.

I end up reverting back to old version, and then when I attempt an update again, everything is working properly after.

My suggestion is if anything at all seems weird about an update, just revert and try again.


This seems risky - my worry is that this will cause the older versions of the tool to be removed from my system, at which point I won’t be able to do anything if it doesn’t work.
And its not like I can just make a copy to in case something goes wrong because the file names are so long that Windows won’t allow me to copy the folders proeprly