callback doesn't fire in AutoForm onSuccess hook

Trying to call a server method from inside an AutoForm onSuccess hook. The method gets executed on the server (base64String gets logged to the server), but the client side callback never fires - none of the client side console.log’s show up in the browser console, so the client never gets back an error or a response.

If I move the identical to a Template event (say a “click” event on the submit button), the callback fires.

I have also tried the in a meteor-collection-hooks after.insert hook, but the callback doesn’t fire there either.

Have tried wrapping the in an immediate setTimeout with no change.

What am I doing wrong?


  'generate_pdf': function() {
     < some stuff that generates a PDF as a base64 string...>
     return base64String;


  testForm: {
    onSuccess: function(formType, result) {'generate_pdf'), function(err, res) {
        console.log("In the callback");
        if (err) {
        } else if (res) {

Whoops…Had an extra close paren in the, so the callback wasn’t getting passed to the call.