data size constraints?

I’m using peerlibrary:metor-file in my application to read in fles using the HTML5 handler. Afterwards, I want to push them to the server with Total file size could be up to 8MB. Locally, it is working, but it’s not working in my production environment. Only files with a few 10 KiB work. It doesn’t make a difference if I try it with websocket or the xhr fallback.

Is there a inherent constraint on the size pushed to the server?


~8 megs should be fine; maybe post some of your code (relating to your and method) and I’ll lend a second set of eyes.

When dealing with files the only limit that you usually need to worry about comes into play if you’re storing those files in Mongo. Mongo’s BSON document size limit is 16 megs (but you can work around it using GridFS). You didn’t say anything about Mongo though, so I’ll assume this isn’t coming into play.

This would be awesome. I develop an application form for a conference. It’s open source at github.

You need to start meteor with the settings.json from the git root and ensure to have created the folder /tmp/applications/ beforehand.

mkdir -p /tmp/applications
meteor --settings settings.json

However, it is working well in my local test environment. I deployed this project using meteor build. I use Apache with RewriteEngine to map ports (requirement of hoster) and changed the set DDP_DEFAULT_CONNECTION_URL="$ROOT_URL:$PORT" to get the websocket bypassing the proxy. It is working at least for smaller files.