in spite of network failue

is there a reliable way to perform a in spite of network failures
for instance, how can we do if the network failure is not detected through the DDP heartbeat mechanism
is there negatif acknowledgment or callback to notify that the meteor method has failed?
could we see the state of all methods that have to be processed?


Check out these packages (or their code if you need)

Also, just so you know: when the client makes any request and server is offline for say 10 seconds, then the process will continue when server comes online, no data is lost.

Thanks for you reply, I performed tests and I see that methods is executed after server restart or loss, another question : in some particular cases , is there guarantee, that for a given request, the method will be executed exactly once (so no twice in case of sporadic failure)

No. Check this section of the Meteor Guide:

Thanks this document explains very well the retransmission policy in meteor