Meteor.callAsync — grove:call-async package

Ever been confused about what a Meteor Method returns when you’re on the client? Or what happens if that Method throws an exception? Maybe you’ve heard of the returnStubValue option you can give to Meteor.apply. Or if you’re really keeping track, maybe you’ve seen @tmeasday’s recent pull request to add throwStubExceptions as an option to If any of that’s true, this package may be for you.

grove:call-async is an implementation of a proposal to add a Meteor.callAsync function. This function actually returns the value from a Meteor method stub, and throws an exception if encountered — instead of logging it to the console and continuing to run the method on the server.

This is an experimental package, and requires upgrading to the PLUGINS-PREVIEW@2 Meteor release.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated!

Look great, It will solve my problem :smile: