Meteor Candy 4 Preview

Hey folks, I’m happy to announce that the new Meteor Candy is almost ready. Every part of the package has been upgraded - and an all new tables feature is just about ready. Here’s a small preview of what it will be like:

For the exact pixels, click here.

The new package will split the front-end views from the core package, and I’m now looking for someone to port the Blaze code to React. If anyone is interested, please get in touch and we can hopefully work something out.


Nice. And great to see the seven principles again :slight_smile:, even if only in passing.


What are the 7 principles :slight_smile:

  • Data on the Wire
  • One Language
  • Database Everywhere
  • Latency Compensation
  • Full Stack Reactivity
  • Embrace the Ecosystem
  • Simplicity Equals Productivity

Haha, ah, yeah, that is like air to me. I have not been lured away by the corrupt ways of the JavaScript world.


Look great, I will have to try it soon, have to admit I never tried candy yet, but when I see how I struggle with admin panels I should have earlier. Regarding the porting to React I may be interested, I’ll write in mp.

Release date @msavin ? Any way to try beta?

I hear that - those things take forever and are expensive to make. There is and will be a developer edition to try it out locally.

I think I will have it finished next weeks, but would say two weeks just to be safe. However, I’m hoping to have the React version ready for the launch.

Regarding beta testing: Are you currently a Meteor Candy customer / do you have any production sites up with Meteor?

No, but I am close to launch for my app and have been looking at meteor candy for a while. Because my app is in react, didn’t look into Meteor Candy Blaze version.

Good to hear that Meteor Candy 4 will be in react. Good luck for your launch.

Nice - let me know when you get it ready. I’d be happy to work some kind of arrangement if you can do a blog post on what your experience with Meteor Candy has been like.

Alright, I will contact you once I start building the admin panel. Thanks !

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Meteor Candy, isolated from the client bundle, is just 7kb. Looks like even dial up users may not be affected.

Do you have any update on the React version ?