Meteor: Cannot find module 'angular' on heroku


I’m newbie on Meteor.

After one week on it, and started by implementing the todo of the tutorial as describe here, every things was good locally.

just the fact that I’m continually trying to deploy it, but my heroku link( just show a blank page with the this error in the debugger:

Error: angular@^1.2.27 not installed. tmeasday_check-npm-versions.js:66:11
Error: Cannot find module ‘angular’

Note that everything is clean on localhost:3000.
Already try a lot of solutions, as:

  • meteor add angular
  • meteor npm install --save angular
  • Disable minification of Js and Css.

This is the repository of this app deployed to heroku:

his buildpack: it is a buildpack with an updated Node Engine(4.5.0), that allowed to run an app with the meteor 1.4.X.X version.

Knowing that I added Angular-Material after finish this tutorial, because I wanted to have a clean material design style on my todo. You can check the repository to look about.
How can I figure out this situation ?

Thanks in advance.