Meteor-Capybara upgraded to Rspec 3 + Screenshots

I’ve just pushed a release that now uses Rspec 3, the expect syntax, better default tests, random test order, and auto screenshots on error.


This allows you to acceptance test your Meteor app synchronously using Ruby, Rspec, and Capybara. For me it’s way easier than dealing with JavaScript Webdriver callbacks!

Perhaps someone can make a PR to integrate the runner into velocity :wink:

Example init spec

describe "Default Meteor App" do

  before(:each) do

  it "should have correct heading", tag('Smoke') do
    expect(page).to have_content("Welcome to Meteor!")

  it "should respond to a click" do
    click_on "Click Me"
    click_on "Click Me"
    expect(page).to have_content("You've pressed the button 2 times")

  # this is failing, make me pass!
  it "should have Testing Meteor in body" do
    expect(page).to have_content("Testing Meteor!")



(note, with iTerm, cmd+click the photo url to pop open the failing screenshot!) supports chaining :wink:

@Sanjo Yeee :smile:

If you could point me in the direction to start researching/reading that would be great!


And there is also a Meteor package:

You can use this package in combination with sanjo:jasmine or mike:mocha:

EDIT: You can also use as npm package without Velocity. The end-to-end journey in Velocity is still a work in progress.