Meteor Casts Ep 1 - matb33:collection-hooks


Nice topic, that was one of the first really useful packages I got to know :smile:

I would actually love to see a screencast on how to use WebStorm with Meteor…
I tried WebStorm out but couldn’t seem to get debug or anything fancy working, so it was just a text editor - so I reverted back to Sublime.

I use webstorm all the time for meteor development. I don’t know why you’d be running into those issues but I’m able to debug, run, have code completion, blaze support etc for meteor.

You should read the getting started guide with meteor at

Being completely honest.
I didn’t see that guide and it all seemed a bit confusing so I gave up and jumped back into what I was comfortable with.

Looking at that guide it actually seems like it isn’t too hard, I shall give it another shot :smiley: