Meteor Changelog is lagging

Made a meteor update and got and babel stuff stopped working. Was not long ago since I updated but google found no new problems related to

If you notice problems related to these missing modules, consider running:
meteor npm install --save babel-runtime

Running that command did not resolve anything, it still complain it’s missing “babel-runtime/helpers/typeof”

So since this was an immediate effect of the update, I went to check the changelog to see exactly how new it was.

Last entry was

I also think the date for the release should be in the changelog

Changelog in the meteor/meteor master branch is the canonical source:

Would be good to see the Docs code directory submodule link be updated after each release, as it’s currently pointing to

Interesting, I wonder if we can automate the process of updating that page.

I was thinking about that. What event represents a new build of Meteor being released? Merge to master?

There’s a very specific answer, it’s when the following URL changes to the new version:

Basically the first thing that happens is a new tag appears here:

Then, someone tests it out, and runs a special Meteor command meteor admin recommend-release which sets a flag in a database that that version is now “recommended”.

Essentially, we want to make sure we can test installing the build before it gets shipped to everyone.

So perhaps we can add something to automatically open a PR to the docs upgrading the submodule? We could maybe just do it when new tags are detected on meteor/meteor, or we could hook into the recommending process.


Thanks for taking the time to document this here. The master branch of meteor/meteor will always have the latest release included, and may show what’s coming in the next release as added value. Maybe just hyperlink to this source file from the docs to keep the complexity down.

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Yeah, that’s the easiest solution I think. Send a PR?