Meteor Checkbox bug?


on a Button is it possible fire events with:

  • click
  • mousedown
  • mouseenter
    etc, ect

on a Checkbox only “click” work.

Is it a bug ?

Thanks in advance


Please provide some code.

You’ll usually want to listen to change on a checkbox.

Here’s a non meteor example:

If you provide your view code we can see whats up.


Yes, click and change is correctly fired on checkbox but not all the other
In the meteor documentation there is no difference from button or checkbox,
and in the javascript also there is no difference (i mean that on checkbox
in JS is it allowed mouseenter)

You can try whit a simple template event, on meteor button you can do
mouseenter, on meteor checkbox you cant)

I need mouseenter and mousedown on meteor for a special not classic

Thanks for your help,


It works inside meteor too.

If you provide your template code we can figure it out.