Meteor CI with Gagarin on Codeship, Shippable, CircleCI and Wercker

I’ve gone through the process of figuring out exactly how to set up 4 different CI services to run tests on a meteor project. At first I had a really hard time figuring out how to do it, until I found Gagarin - then it started to make sense. [EDIT: See followup comment below, gagarin is no longer needed in 1.3]

Figured I would create a repo that can be used as a seed/inspiration for others interested in setting up CI for a meteor project, specifically a meteor + react project, but the CI setup isn’t specific to react.

Feel free to create a pull request with improvements or sample config for other CI services. I selected these because they have a decent free tier that can be used for private repo’s.

Obviously the shields/badges in README don’t work, since you would need to replace parts of the URL’s with the correct ones for your own repo.


So turns out with 1.3 there is no need for gagarin anymore. I’ve updated the repo to reflect how CI testing can be done in Meteor 1.3 with mocha and phantomjs.

Hi there, I’m completely new to Meteor, but am very interested in the CI topic. I wanted to offer up my solution and ask all of you for some feedback.

I haven’t quite figured out the implementation with Mocha, but I have found the implementation using ‘spacejam’. Since I thought this would be useful for other Meteor developers, I’ve put together a minimal example of Meteor with a few CI providers (CircleCI, Travis, and Wercker).

Source code is available on GitHub: .

Looking forward to your comments & thanks!