Meteor Cloud 30MIN DOWNTIME of all RUNNING APPS!?

What in the HOLY F? I just got this email:

I have no previous email about it. There’s no posts in the forum about it.


  1. You can’t put our apps down for 30 minutes
  2. You did not give proper notice.

I have no other emails about this and I see no forum posts about this.

We have WORLDWIDE events happening at all times. How can you put all apps down for 30 MINUTES?



Same here. No previous emails, the notice took us completely by surprise. This is very unwelcome news, since we no longer have proper time to inform our own paying B2B customers about the downtime.

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Our team is scrambling to manage this and having ONE DAY of notice to email our customers worldwide is just nuts.

We will be taking our yearly Meteor Cloud spend of +$60K elsewhere based on this.

It hadn’t occurred to me but it looks like if we deploy to and then re-route to other Meteor Cloud regions (which we’ve never used) we might be able to navigate around this.

Not exactly sure how that works with active users… guess they’re just have to refresh.

Thanks Meteor for the one day to get this up and going. :rage:

Hi, sorry by this but as I already explained to Ross in the ticket we announced this on December 1st in the official channel for notifications like that

But it’s ok, now that we know that we have some clients that are not subscribed to the status page (you should) we can wait to do this upgrade in our infrastructure.

Also, downtime is not something that we are used to having, as you know.

But in this case, we need to change some layers in our proxy and AWS can take a few minutes to catch up on new Security Groups and everything related.

The apps were not going to be down in fact.

But anyway, we are going to postpone this one and share more details later.

Please, subscribe to the status page, this was always the recommendation Status | Galaxy Docs


Thanks, I appreciate that you decided to postpone the update and give us more time to react.


Definitely subscribed. How nice that a status page, which tend to send out seemingly thousands of notifications when fully subscribed, is the only channel of communication for knowing when the worldwide application platform, that supports your app and thousands of customers, will be down.

Please change this policy @filipenevola

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Hi, yes, we were not aware that not every client was following the status page.

We will be more cautious next time and send emails to all as well, as we did this time but with more anticipation.


It sounds like Meteor Cloud didn’t want it etched into the ink of the Internet that their platform was going to have up to 30 minutes of downtime. Turns out that’s bad for new business huh?

But it’s okay to surprise existing customers by not sending an email, a forum post, or support them with a blog post with work-arounds, suggestions, etc. As that might scream “downtime” to the world.

I don’t want to do business with an organization like that. That puts appearances, new business interests, etc. out in front, at the cost of true paying clients. I don’t run my business like that.

Kinda gross. :woozy_face:

Hi Ross, this downtime warning was an extra caution.

We did a lot of experimentation to avoid this downtime, and they were successful. But just in case AWS propagation of changes had a delay, our clients were prepared for a short downtime, probably less than 1 minute in a specific app. We were providing a cautious warning in advance as a possible short downtime.

Meteor was acquired two years ago, and we never had any planned downtime. And this is still the plan moving forward.

I get the downtime, that’s fine. This lack of transparency and awareness about the downtime is the problem.

Wow, now you’ve proved my point by unlisting the thread. Didn’t notice that until after the above post.

Bad stuff from a company I always admired and was proud to be a part of.

I can return the visibility of your post, no problem. I just did.

We just hide it as the maintenance is not going to happen anymore so it could confuse people :wink:

Oh that’s good, because I like to write very public blog posts when companies do shady things like hiding forum posts. :wink:

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I was literally running to my computer to alert everyone on Meteor forums about this catastrophe-to-happen (just read the email on my mobile) :sweat_smile:

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I’m pretty sure my freakout actually saved @filipenevola’s rear-end had apps actually went down, especially for up to thirty minutes.

The email above (many people’s only warning) says verbatim that it will be “downtime of 30 minutes”. There’s no language of “up to thirty minutes”, “but probably not”, “or maybe not at all”. It says thirty minutes, which about gave all of us a heart attack.

A potential downtime of thirty minutes should be a fricking telephone call to EVERY customer. Or wire up Twilio and send a SMS, something. Oh wait, they don’t have Twilio wired up - see current Galaxy 2FA :woozy_face:


You can just setup another server and switch the dns to avoid any downtime btw guys. Been doing it for over a decade. Please don’t delete this post for community standards I am just sharing info. This is how it’s done at a professional level. Zero downtime.