Meteor Cloud Flexible Hosting? [SOLVED]

I just have a question for anyone using Meteor Cloud:

We currently use NodeChef, and one pro of using it is that we can establish rules that allow our containers to automatically add extra resources when they are taxed too much. An example: If containers memory is over 85% for more than 5min scale memory.

Is there any kind of feature like this with Meteor Cloud? Thanks to anyone that answers!

Yep, autoscaling was added to Galaxy a while ago. You can read up on it here:


Hi @jhochgreve, yes, we do auto scale based on custom triggers that you can set up in many different ways, including your example above.

If you have any questions about Meteor Cloud and if it would be a good fit for your case feel free to send as a message at and we will be glad to assist you in this decision.

Cloud hosting is really a great product, running thousands of apps in production with Meteor experts on our side to help you with any need.

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This is REALLY great news! :slight_smile: Thank you and @vooteles for the input!