Meteor Cloud is now LIVE!

But what is holding you from using an external DB instance from the start if you expect growth? This tier is more for hobbyist projects and showcases.

Also, giving people a space for hobbyist project make sense. They won’t consume much bandwidth, they help people to get familiar with Meteor, can act as showcase for some open source initiatives, and might serve as inspiration from more serious projects. I started using Meteor for side projects, enjoyed it and later on decided to build business software on it.

It is the internet, you might get surprised :wink:

Meteor is the only framework I keep coming back to, and it keeps coming back stronger and stronger, and moving with warp speed.


Just testing this out, and the app seems to enter a stopped state regardless of activity. By that I mean the app just stopped while I was using it, roughly 4 minutes after it started.

On top of that, there doesn’t appear to be an automatic redirect between the cold-start splash screen, and the app launching. The first time I opened the page, I waited 6 minutes before refreshing, and was met with another cold-start splash screen. Opening galaxy’s logs, I saw that the app had finished booting, and then stopped itself after 3 minutes. From my perspective as the user, it never started.

Edit: A thought, it could have stopped because I left the page for an oauth login, so from galaxy’s perspective, there were no users using the site.

Very excited about the updates. Your are the best :star_struck:


I think that’s ok. I am using 3T Studio for this, and it’s literally a matter of “copy & paste” there. If you expect tons of data in the first place, I guess you would start with a dedicated database instance anyways.

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Has anyone successfully deployed a free app by now? I try by using

meteor deploy --free --mongo

but the app gets deployed under Essentials plan and crash saying MONGO_URL is not set. Downgrading manually to Free and redeploying does not solve it (same mongo crash) so I’m guessing this needs to go right on the first try or you’re stuck without a DB.

Anyone else had this problem?

In case you’ve been far from Twitter for a while, would be nice to add some likes and positive comments on these public announcements: (posts on the 20th and 21st of Jan)

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Try putting the options before the domain

Turns out, even though I created a new project after 2.0 was released, the project was still created with 1.12.1. After running meteor update and deploying again, everything works fine!

Thank you for making the free plan a thing again, I loved using it for small experiments back in the early days.


Hi, @vikr00001 - you can learn more about this here. Let me know if you have any other questions!