Meteor Cloud is now LIVE!

Hi everyone,

As you’ve probably seen, Meteor Cloud is now live! This release is inspired by you, our community, and is the evolution of our commercial offering. We’re so thrilled to share it with you!

Here’s the breakdown of some of the changes. Instead of having a separate space for hosting, open-source, and performance monitoring, we’re now unifying the product offering for Galaxy Hosting, Meteor APM as well as Atmosphere and merging these into one centralized dashboard. You’ll see these changes reflected in your Dashboard after login.

We’re even more excited to announce the addition of some key features, a lot of which have been requested by the community for some time. Take a look at some of the changes and updates below:

  • A new Meteor Cloud Dashboard
  • Easy access to Galaxy Hosting, APM and Atmosphere
  • Return of the Free Plan
  • Free MongoDB Shared Hosting
  • Github Sign-in and Sign-up

To see all of these changes, you can sign in with your existing Meteor credentials to access your new dashboard. Additionally, your app’s functionality and hosting configuration has not changed and will function as normal upon sign-in.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We’re always happy to help and appreciate any feedback. Thank you for being on this journey with us - we’re very thankful to have such an active, engaged and helpful community behind us.

-Meteor Team


Thank you @elysse. We are very excited about this.

We are going to announce Meteor 2.0 with details next week but make sure you use Free deploy with MongoDB only using Meteor 2.0. These features are not supported on past Meteor versions.

BTW, Meteor 2.0 is recommended and is already running on it in production :rocket:

Check all the news in our blog post

What you could do next? A few options:

  • Do you have a package? Post a demo using the free deploy.

  • Do you have a hobby project? Post it now using the free deploy.

  • Never deployed a Meteor app to Galaxy? cover all the steps, from a new app to deploy. It’s even easier now as you don’t need to set up DNS, MongoDB and Credit Card with the new features (this tutorial will be updated soon to use Free deploy as well).

Learn how here

If you have any issues let us know at


Fantastic news, really looking forward to testing it out.


This is great news, glad to see meteorjs get back on track.


Very glad to see Meteor getting better and better!

Can someone elaborate more about “Free MongoDB Shared Hosting”? Size, specs, where hosted, how access etc. What are the pros except that it is free?

Also from my understanding of this section , free Mongo only available as a free plan option. Can this Mongo option be used (or possibly scaled, become non shared) for other plans, while being a Meteor “native” solution? Just exploring it as a possible alternative to Atlas, Compose, etc.



Sounds promising!

One question here about this:

I assumed this would be the Meteor credentials / login system as it is used for Discourse, but I couldn’t see an option to use it?

EDIT: I tried so sign up a new account. But every time I hit “Create Your Account”, the page just reloads, shows a “Loading” message quickly, and then reverts to an empty sign up form.

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Great announcement, very exciting! Meteor 2.0 and Meteor Cloud really set the stage for more future growth.

With all the major view layers support, real-time full-stack, APM, atmosphere packages, free hosting the platform is becoming too good to be ignored.

If this momentum continues, Meteor will shine really bright :slight_smile:


The new interface of Meteor Cloud looks fantastic.

Great work.

Just received the notification of Meteor 2.0 stable release in my CLI while in development as well. Look forward to testing out the new features.


Hey @waldgeist! The login system is the same as it was for Meteor Developer accounts (same as discourse), found here.. Are you not seeing that?

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Hi @waldgeist, what exactly are you seeing? You should see the Meteor Cloud Account authentication windows (previously MDA), the system behind it is the same.

If you try to access you are going to be redirected to this auth window.

If you can’t authenticate please send an email to

Also authenticating with GitHub will link GitHub with your existing MDA if you have the same email on both.

This is really great and I wanted to tell you that the whole cloud makes a much more “unified” impression of all things the Meteor ecosystem has to offer plus the design is very impressive, too.

I also just realized, that I sent you my feedback about the landing page a few hours before it has all been announced here :see_no_evil: Next time I will start with the positive things :smiley:


Hi, we are going to provide better details next week but I can anticipate a few things here:

Behind the scenes we are using ScaleGrid as our provider.

Sizes are not important in this case as we are not limiting them but if your database starts to get too big we can reach you as the free option is not designed to be used in production. You know, it’s free, so if you abuse we may need to talk to you to adjust the usage.

The MongoDB version is v4.2.8 (wiredtiger). When you finish your first deploy you provide the full URI for you to access and get all the information that you need. You can also see in your settings panel on Galaxy. You can even edit your settings directly on Galaxy :wink:

I believe the main pro is that it’s very easy to setup, just provide --mongo in your first deploy and that is it. Of course, it’s free as well.

Right now you can use this free database in any plan to be honest but we don’t recommend for production usage so you should use only with free apps.

In the future we may offer a non shared database plan that would be ready for production but that is not what we are offering now.

If you want to talk to us and understand custom options for Enterprise feel free to reach us at


We appreciate every feedback.

In many cases it helps more when the feedback is negative but of course we feel encouraged and excited with good feedback so both are really important. Thank you for your support.


This is great news, I’ll definitely be checking it out. Having a free plan is super helpful for learning, testing, POCs, etc. Thanks!


Hi, thank you for such a detailed reply. It answers all my questions.

Great, always nice to have options :+1:


Hey this is awesome! Very excited to take another look into Galaxy.


One of the great things about Meteor is how easy it is to deploy on Galaxy. I deploy a PHP app and a Python app regularly, and it is a lot more work to maintain the servers and run the deployment.

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Can you post a link where we can learn more about this? I haven’t yet found info about it in the new Meteor Cloud page.

Migration from the free tier to a paid plan requires migrating data to a whole new host is a bit of a weird decision, but I’m very happy to see the free tier return.

I know it’s useful to me, and I hope it’s useful to everyone else. So many of my hobby projects aren’t worth the time, money, or energy to properly host for the 1 visitor it’s going to get :smile: