Meteor Cloud Offline stuck on ‘loading…’ screen.

APM also unable to authenticate.

Also seeing this issue, unable to deploy.

We are currently experiencing access issues with Galaxy, Meteor Accounts, Atmosphere and Dashboard due to downtime from our database service provider.

Customer applications hosted on Galaxy will not be affected. However, deploys are currently not functioning properly. We would also like to inform you that apps integrated with may not be able to use sign-in and sign-up processes.

Our team is actively addressing these issues to restore normal operations as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

For more information:

Who is the database service provider?

Our databases are hosted on OVHCloud servers. This is their status update for this issue:

I hear that new guy from servers maintenance has had another coffee …


Looks like is still offline.


We are currently facing some issues with the changelog SaaS platform that we use. You may experience some disruption while using it.

For more details, please visit Changelogfy Status.

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