Meteor + Cloudflare + SSL

Ok, I managed to get a Domain Verification SSL from Comodo and was able to install it on my server and NGINX. Now when I disable Cloudflare, I can see the right certificate when I visit my Meteor app. But when I enable Cloudflare + Free Universal SSL + Set to Full (Strict) SSL, I see Cloudflare’s own SSL being set. Any others have experience with this? What should I be seeing in this scenario, Cloudflare’s or my own SSL at the browser bar?

That’s the expected behaviour. Your SSL is used in between CF and your app.

They have another plan, which allow to set your SSL certificate between browser and CF as well.

Thanks! I was spending some time figuring if this was a problem or not. Apparently I didn’t have to do anything anymore

@powderkeg @arunoda I am using Cluster on AWS Opsworks with SSL/websockets/nginx reverse proxy.

I have run into an issue and one of the folk seemed to say that Cloudflare may bypass the issue see and

Is this just as simple as turning on Cloudfare and magic happens… a bit skeptical :wink: ??