Meteor Cluster, events

Hi, I’m looking to build an micro service oriented, event sourced app. I’ve been playing around with Meteor cluster, and it seems to really make the setup, ‘wiring’, etc quite easy. However, the comms are all RPC/DDP remote invocation oriented. Is there any concept of say distributed event handling. I don’t see it in the docs, and I haven’t found any complimentary packages that might handle this. I’d like to be able to basically publish an event ‘foo’ from micro service X, then have say micro services Y and Z’s .on(‘foo’,…) handlers be invoked. As opposed to doing a‘foo’,…), etc.

I know I can achieve this with by say using some of the rabbitmq wrappers, but was wondering if there’s something more ‘native’ that might give me more or less the same thing.