Meteor CMS that supports React-router?

There are several CMS in atmosphere such as houston:admin, yogiben:admin and Orion. However, none of them seems to support React-router.

I am wondering if there is a solution for this? If you are using React, what are you using to solve this? :slight_smile:

I’m curious, if you want to use a third-party pre-built CMS, why would you care which router it uses?

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Hi @sacha, thanks for your reply and really sorry for the delay. I think I have some misunderstanding here. Are you saying I should use the CMS as a standalone app rather than integrating it into my project? Thanks!

From reading your post I am wondering if you are misinterpreting router usage.

It seems you might be under the impression that if you are using React, you must use React router?

React does not force you to use React router.

Sacha was saying, if you want to use a CMS, why would you prefer React router, rather than whatever router the CMS was designed to be used with?


Thanks @Spyridon, I’ll guess I will give flow router a try and see how that works. thanks!

No problem!

The Meteor Guide has Flow Router as MDG’s official recommendation right now, so that’s a great place to start =)

I’m in a similar situation @sacha. I have my project built in FlowRouter but admin solutions seems to require a specific router (yogiben requires ironrouter for instance).

I’m looking for a CMS that will generate the least amount of rework to add-on. Maybe it’s just a matter of using Iron and Flow together which is what I can’t really figure out since Iron gives me the following on all my routes.

Re-reading this thread, yeah you should definitely not host a CMS as part of the same codebase as your main app. First of all it means every regular user also has to download all the CMS-related code, and it also opens up lots of security risks if the CMS has any weak points. So you need two separate instances that connect to the same db, which is why the router shouldn’t really matter.

(Btw, I’m not convinced for the need for a CMS in the first place… for example in Nova I auto-generate edit/insert forms and show them in modal windows right there in the UI rather than have separate dashboards).

You are becoming right. I’ve spent easily 3 hours trying to get a premade admin solution to “work” and really I should have just come up with what I need on my own. I’ve been meaning to check out NOVA so maybe now is a good time to use your cues from that.