Meteor code analysis tool


I am using ESlint as a static code analysis tool, but I need one for the whole app that could give me stats as cyclomatic complexity, duplicated code, and things like that.
I first tried codacy, but I don’t know why it doesn’t show me the complexity of the files (because displays results per file).
Then I wanted to try codeclymate but got stuck in some error (in the eslint engine, in a file called config-validator.js.
Finally I wanted to try coverity but when I wanted to run the analyzer I got an error saying something about my distribution (and I’ve downloaded the mac_os version, but said something about darwin which is a linux distort if I’m not wrong).
So that is my failure attempt on code analysis… I wanted to know if there is a specialized tool for meteor apps, or one that could work with this framework? It’d be better if it is a cloud one.