Meteor code must always run within a Fiber

I would like to run an async function on the server. Calling run() in the following code works fine, however, the “Collection.insert” inside the final() throws the following Error:

Meteor code must always run within a Fiber. Try wrapping callbacks that you pass to non-Meteor libraries with Meteor.bindEnvironment.   

I tried multiple times using Meteor.wrapAsync, Meteor.bindEnvironment, and Async.wrap, but somehow cannot get rid of the error. Can somebody just give me a quick hint on what exactly I need to wrap in the following code? Thanks!

function asyncFct(arg, callback) {
    console.log('do something with \''+arg+'\', return 1 sec later');
    setTimeout(function() { 
    }, 1000);  

var final = function(results) { 
    MyCollection.insert({"name": "Miri"}); 
    console.log('Done', results); 

run = function(){
    var results = [];
    var items = [1, 2, 3];
    items.forEach(function(item) {
        asyncFct(item, function(result){
            if(results.length == items.length) {

use Meteor.setTimeout

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@arjunrajjain. Thanks that works for my particular example. How would I proceed if asynFct would be another asynchronous function such as reading/writing a file?

you are right! very good,thank you very much!