and Cloudflare "Always Online"?

Before anything else: I’m very grateful for the free resource, and I know it’s not for production deployment.

I’ve noticed some downtimes with hosted plus Cloudflare. Anyone else seeing issues with this combination?

The mystery is that Cloudflare has an “Always Online” mode, which should serve a cached page when a 520 error happens. This has not been happening when goes offline.

Just looking for some input whether Always Online fails:
a) generally, or
b) with meteor hosted anywhere, or
c) meteor hosted on

Just a quick heads up it looks like all * sites are currently down.

My go-to test site is

Thanks, yes that’s what prompted the post :smile:

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@arunoda You have posted extensively regarding Cloudflare. Though I did not see any mention on “Always Online”.
Can you see a reason why it would fail with meteor?

Always online is for static apps mostly. They cache some pages and send them when the your app goes down.
But that’s not something gonna work with Meteor.

@arunoda thanks for the tip, and thanks for all your work in the community.

I get that it wouldn’t work for dynamic pages. However my landing page is static, shouldn’t it work at least for that page?
Is there anyway I could get this to work with Meteor?

Thanks again!

I think then it works with your app since you don’t rely on any data to display the page.
Anyway, I didn’t try it with a meteor app.