*.meteor.com became unstable


Since last Wednesday (2/17), all my free apps on *.meteor.com shut down at the same time several times.
Kind of unstable.

Were there frequent maintenances of meteor.com?

If I move to Galaxy Developer Edition, can I use the more stable service?

Thank you.

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+1 getting errors ever 10 minutes or so, monitoring using Pingdom.

Well, a free hosting service is hardly ever stable, so it’s already great there is one at all. :slightly_smiling:


of course - the stability of the free Meteor hosting has always been questionable, and this is fine as you shouldn’t rely on it for more than testing/trials.

With premium comes great stability :sunny:

Free hosting on meteor.com is not a part of Galaxy yet, it’s on different servers, so it being unstable doesn’t mean Galaxy will be.


I’m also experiencing a very unstable environment… Different problems, mainly problems with Mongo it seems like. Really disturbing!

I want to know whether frequent shutting-downs are temporal or not.

I was satisfied with previous stability of *.meteor.com.