*.meteor.com free hosting flapping [RESOLVED]

It looks like meteor.com deployment is flapping, where deployed sites completely stop to respond, not even the logs can be accessed

Couldn't view logs: Connection error (socket hang up)

The status page does not list anything being wrong, so I wonder if the hosting team is aware of this.

Been happening to me for at least 6-7 hours.

Even had a different site come up once, lol.

Was able to access my deployed app once this week, afterwards it’s just "retrying in x seconds"
I’m sure the devs are working on it, looking forward to stable servers.

I know this service is for free, so as the saying goes you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I would still love to know if the service is up or not, if possible.


I can report that my sites are back up

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The service is down again, this time with proper status. Trying to publish or look at logs returns

Couldn't view logs: Connection error (socket hang up)

As of a couple of minutes ago my apps are back and deployment works again… keeping fingers crossed and checking out Galaxy :slightly_smiling: