*.meteor.com from community packages not running

just want to say that I like the improvements in Meteor 1.3, but also I think that with the cutting of all the *.meteor.com examples of Atmosphere packages and the somewhat confusing pricing strategy MDG kind of shot themselves in the leg, is it?
Still I think that Meteor is the fastest way of bootstrapping or rapid prototyping a complete Web Service.


Maybe, but by acting quickly and cutting the majority of free Meteor hosting, MDG has at last been able to keep their legs. The significant $$$'s saved keep the lights on and allow MDG to keep cranking out other awesome stuff. All of those broken *.meteor.com links are annoying, but I’ll gladly deal with them as long as https://www.meteor.com keeps working.

One quick tip - most packages have versions of their old *.meteor.com hosted example apps committed to GitHub. You might have to dig a bit, but you can usually “find / clone / meteor run” them yourself pretty easily.

Thank you for your answer, @hwillson, that is true. I know that, but if you have a project consisting of 3 Apps (Smartphone, WebApp and Website), with somewhat around 80 packages and you just want to google one detail real quick, like: meteoric or user accounts (meteoric had really nice example app)…
Probably the Investors wanted to see some ROI.
In the end not everything can be free.
We have tried Famo.us, then local markets, then meteoric as UIs, now that is not maintained anymore and everything is gonna be React.
Honestly, it just sucks having developed a complete Cloud Service based on Meteor for the last 1.5 years just to find out now that I have to reprogram most of the Application, Blaze -> React, App -> React Native, Tracker -> GraphQL etc. to keep up to date.
Also JS changed a lot. It is not really MDGs fault, but will be quite some work. We also make heavy use of offline capabilities, etc. etc.
Just hoping that everything will be maintained for the next 1 year so we can transition gradually.

This has been discussed a lot here:

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